Reducing the opportunity for crime

Crime Prevention

The design of the built environment should aim to reduce the opportunity for crime. It is most important to consider Crime Prevention at the most formative stage of a development, since its design will influence the likelihood of crime occurring. The aim should be to “design out” crime at the very earliest planning stages, through close liaison and co-operation between the Architect and the Design Advisor.
What are the benefits of “Designing out Crime”?

  • The creation of a safe and secure environment in which to live and work and reducing the fear of crime.
  • The opportunity to reduce the commercial consequences of crime and disorder.
  • The opportunity to create more effective and aesthetic security solutions.
  • To reduce the reliance on emergency services.



Sound security principles should accompany any new development, and this will require creative solutions, which do not necessarily lead to increased costs. Where increased costs are necessary to achieve a safe solution to design problems, such investments will enhance the value and attractiveness of the development.

It is far cheaper and more efficient to install security devices during building, than to wait until completion and then considering security almost as an after thought. However, if you want to make a current environment safe, then this is also something we specialise in.

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